About Us

Being the legacy member of a family firm does not necessarily mean  that one also inherits the relevant personality traits of those who have come before .  I am delighted to refute my own theory.  My father was clearly driven by his business, it was the life line of his being.  In tandem was his overriding, almost magnetic attraction to people and solving their insurance concerns.  Although I don’t think one inherits such personality traits, it is certainly the case that environment is a contributing factor.

Norman R. Balkin

Following school out West, graduate school at Northwestern, an internship and an initial stint at one of the nation’s most esteemed consulting firms, I realized that my interests focused on problem solving but with direct contact with clients.

Since 1928 we have conscientiously identified and creatively addressed the personal risk management needs of our clients, throughout the United States and internationally, for generations. We provide the highest standard of personal service and stewardship to our clients.

We offer coverage from the finest companies in the world to protect that which is most important in your world. We welcome your inquiry and appreciate your interest in working with our firm.